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SR Packaging Consultants

Cosmetic and pharmaceutical packaging


SR Packaging Consultants was established in Parma after extensive experience in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical packaging industry, to provide packaging components for cosmetic, herbal, pharmaceutical and food products.

Each container can be combined with a selection of tested and reliable lids. The range is also complemented by a wide variety of accessories.

At SR Packaging Consultants, not only do we offer a full range of bottles, pill jars and lids, but, most importantly, we are keen to lend you our ears- to listens attentively to any concerns you may have.


We are keen to use all our experience gained over years of collaboration with the top European manufacturers in this industry, as we aim to look beyond national borders and share all the developments and innovations in the main international markets with our current and potential clients.

Our only goal is to help our clients find the most suitable products for a wide range of requirements, exploring all possible solutions together, often discovering one that wasn’t initially considered.